CUCM 8.5(1) Upgrade – Duplicated Missed Calls, Received Calls, Placed Calls Directories

I recently upgraded a clients CUCM 6.1(2) to 6.1(4) and then up to 8.5(1). The upgrade went mostly smoothly however after the upgrade users complained that there directories menu looked like this:

1 – Missed Calls
2 – Received Calls
3 – Placed Calls
4 – Missed Calls
5 – Received Calls
6 – Placed Calls
7 – Personal Directory
8 – Corporate Directory
Weird Huh! This client uses a lot of multiple line presentations on their phones which made me think that maybe it was a new feature and each DN had its own directory menu. A quick test in the lab proved this hunch was wrong.
It turns out that on 6.1(x) upgrades to 8.5(1) it is quite common for the ITL file to get out of whack and cause weird behaviour on the handsets. To rectify this issue I had to re-generate the ITL files.

To do this I followed the following steps on each of the TFTP servers:


  • Log into Cisco Unified OS Administration
  • Security > Certificate Management
  • Click Find
  • Click on CallManager.pem
  • Click Regenerate in the top left corner
  • Log into Cisco Unified Servicability
  • Tools > Control Centre – Network Services
  • Select your TFTP Server
  • Restart the Cisco Trust Verification Service
  • Tools > Control Centre – Feature Services
  • Select your TFTP Server
  • Restart the Cisco TFTP Service

Repeat this on each of your TFTP servers and then restart your phones.

1 thought on “CUCM 8.5(1) Upgrade – Duplicated Missed Calls, Received Calls, Placed Calls Directories

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